About Us

Vision Mision Value
Name : Aastha Pariwar.
Web : aastha7cf.com
Aim : 1) Social work Base + Swayamrojgar Abhiyan
2)Helath Care - Educational support - Rural Empowerment
3) Personal Growth, Self Exploration, Professional development as facilitators in Human processes.
Office : 112 / 1st floor , Hindrajasthan Building , Near Bank of India Dadasaheb phalke road Near Dadar Station(E) Mumbai - 400014
Plan : Unique Speed Plan - Designed by World Class International Expert.
Income Potential : Earn in CRORE within a year & with many exiting Rewards.
People : Strong Advisory Board and Professional Management Team.
Our Goal : Upto 2015, Create 1000 plus corepati.
Value : Integrity / Unity / Passion / Caring / Excellency / Accountability
Vision : Create wealth of common people by providing life transforming services.
Legalities : Legal standing respect from leading Law firm.
Unique selling point : 1) You join for yourself, But at the same time benefit to 10 level people.
2) You can earn your Multiple Action.
3) You can earn crore within a year (100 days).
4) No Income capping, No retirement.
5) Purchase one time, Earn Every time.
Joining Method : Purchase any one of the product & register in our organization for huge income & social activities. (Rs.500/- Advance package booking)
Packages : Household, personal care, Health care, family style and much more
Income Types : Promotive Incentive Point (Level)
Sponcer Bonus Point (Direct)
Achievement (Awards/Rewards)
Payout : Every week (Thursday)
By Trafer-Ac / Cheque / Wallet / NEFT